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Chicken Rico is proud to offer our customers the best Peruvian style rotisserie chicken in the world. Marinated with a 50 year old family recipe, our chicken is cooked over fiery charcoal in our large rotisserie ovens.  Our stores also offer traditional Peruvian dishes, along with sandwiches and salads.  We promise to work tirelessly to deliver you the best quality food in the area.


A family business in every sense, Chicken Rico opened its doors in 1970 in Lima, Peru with Dora Giordano at the helm. Dora quickly won over customers with her signature mouth-watering chicken and welcoming environment.

In 1995, ownership was handed down to Dora's daughter, Mirian Giordano. Mirian, along with her husband, Fernando Sanchez, sought to bring Peruvian cuisine to the United States. Just a few years later, the couple opened their first restaurant in Falls Church, VA, under the name Super Chicken. To this day, over 20 years later, they are continuing Dora's tradition of providing customers with an unforgettable experience and the tastiest chicken around.

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